House of Memories

House of Memories, by Evangeline Chavez

I traveled  25 miles from Las Vegas, New Mexico to a town called Gascon. There I found an L shaped old Spanish adobe home, located in a beautiful valley with pastoral views in high mountain country. The adobe home was surrounded with wild sweet peas and other wild flowers .Upon a closer look, tied to one of the posts was an old withered vintage high top children shoe, leaving me to guess children once lived there. This adobe home may bring to one’s mind, memories of grandma’s house,  a house you grew up in, or a neighbor you once knew from long ago.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on December 1, 2009.

One Response to “House of Memories”

  1. Great photograph and post! I truly enjoy your specificity in describing the surroundings of the “House of Memories.” The child’s shoe tied to the post can set off multiple narratives of interpretation. Gascon will be a destination for us, maybe this Christmas, depending on the snow. I have seen the road signs pointing to Gascon and other places to the northwest as I go up the road to Mora, Taos, from Las Vegas. Great photograph, I say again. Thanks.

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