El Santuario de Chimayo


First Place Award

El Santuario de Chimayo has been called the “Lourdes of America, every year thousands of people journey to a small adobe church in Chimayo, New Mexico, in search of spiritual or physical healing.

They come to this church, because they believe it was built on ground that  possesses healing powers and that many people have been restored to health by sacred earth.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on December 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “El Santuario de Chimayo”

  1. Thank you for following my bog and your comments that you have made.
    I wanted to take the photo at the golden hour, so the first photos I took, the mountain in the background was draped with a rich golden, orange hue. I shot every five minutes because the change in the mix of artificial and natural light happen over a half-hour period. With the twilight lighting coming in you will get the soft afterglow of the dusk, and the light is still glowing with warmth. Keep shooting using long exposures until the sky has gone black.
    This is when you get the dark blue tint in the sky which often compliments the warm colors of the artificial lighting.

  2. Breathtaking photo. Captures the essense of Santuario.

  3. Beautiful photo. I like how you have captured the blueness of the sky.

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