Acoma Pueblo

Spirits in the Clouds

Evangeline Chavez 2005

Legend has it that the ancient ones  worship the spirits that live in the clouds in the sky

Acoma Pueblo,  (Sky City) New Mexico

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on March 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Acoma Pueblo”

  1. I know exactly where the ladder is (I think). It is on the lane coming back around the interior of the pueblo. Well, I don’t know now. Not important. Thanks for the evocation of memories at Acoma.

  2. I used to take my anthro students to Acoma…make them walk up the hill. The church used to have a buffalo hide hanging on the wall. I like the ladder seemingly giving steps to the sky. Sky City? I think so. I really have good memories of the people. Your photograph is priceless.

    • Thank you
      This ladder has been photographed many times, but when I saw the ladder reaching the clouds I knew it was different from all the other photos. The ladder is in the interior of the pueblo so your memory was right.
      I did research on the spirits in the sky, and the meaning of it, that is why I named it
      Spirits In The Sky.
      The ancient ones waited for a message from the spirits in the sky in order to guide their people.

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