Flying Star Cafe-Bernalillo, New Mexico

Time Line

Evangeline Chavez 2008

As one of the Directors of Sandoval Community Arts, a nonprofit organization,we  worked with community artists and students to create and paint a grand mural of Bernalillo’s historic timeline inside of the  Flying Star Café. Many hours was spent on creating this art work for everyone who eats there to enjoy it.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on March 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Flying Star Cafe-Bernalillo, New Mexico”

  1. I know this mural, Evangeline – it has all the “insider’s tidbits!” All the little facts that I never heard before. I have admired it so much the few times I have been at the Bernalillo Flying Star. So glad to hear you are behind it. Murals really do a story justice. !Brava!

    • Thank you from all of us who participated in the mural. Joyce was the artist who did the outline, drawing, and fine details, the rest of the artist, non artist and students painted the mural. It took over 150 hours over 2 1/2 days. The owners of the Flying Star allowed us to do this project to show the timeline of Bernalillo and surrounding area so to them my hat is off to them for allowing us to do this project at their restaurant.

  2. When you come to NM we will get together and explore. There is so much that I need to revisit and new places to explore. We can start off at the Flying Star where they have great food and view the mural, From there we will let the wind guide us.

  3. I have so many new things to see when I go to New Mexico next time. I want to see the mural.

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