American Flag

Hand Prints

Evangeline Chavez 2007

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

At the Taos Pueblo I found an American Flag  hanging inside the door way  and painted hand prints on the outside. To the Native American Indians the Hand, represents the presence of man, his work, his achievements,  and his legacy.  It also represents the direction of the creative spirit through a man, as a vessel for the Creators power.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on April 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “American Flag”

  1. Taos Pueblo is very well protected by the people. They are governed by rules and regulations to keep their traditions alive.

  2. So much at the pueblo is the work of hands, not machines, but flesh and simple tools. No where else can you find anything similar to this photograph. One of a kind. Simple, but deep.

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