Maverick Rodeo

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Maverick  87th Rodeo

July 4, 2010, Cimarron, New Mexico

Evangeline Chavez

Events included:

Mixed Ribbon Roping-The roper has a partner who must get the ribbon off the calf’s tail and run it back to the start line on foot.

Saddle Bronc Ride-A timed event, the rider must mark the horse out of the chute, and earns points for the quality of his riding and spurring. The rider has only the hack-rein as a handle and cannot touch themselves, or the horse.

Wild Cow Milking–Teams of three cowboys will try to rope, mug, and milk a cow, the first team with the milk  to the judge wins.

Team Roping-A header tries to rope the steer around the horns and/or neck. The heeler is close behind trying to catch both hind feet for the fastest time The riders must end up facing each other before time is called.

Barrel Racers-The riders start at full speed rounding each barrel in cloverleaf pattern, and then exit the arena. The trick is to ride as close as they can to the barrels to make the time, without knocking the barrels and getting a five second penalty.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on July 6, 2010.

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