Graffiti Art

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Evangeline D Chavez 2010

John Lorne is  an artist who chooses aerosol paint over more traditional supplies. I always viewed graffiti as gang members who wanted to tag their territory, boy was I wrong. I met John and he opened my eyes to true art done with costly aerosol paints.  There is true beauty, color and talent done on walls, corrugated metal, old trains, and just about anything that can  be painted.

He invited me to meet him  early at the Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, in  Bernalillo, New Mexico. I thought  arriving at 7:30 am was early, but I found him already at work, with the outline done and the painting started. I have never watched an artist work with aerosol  paint, using  precision, and swiftness as he whipped out one different color after another. I will never look at graffiti as tagging, but pure art.

For more information on his work and web site Morris Park Crew please visit

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on July 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Graffiti Art”

  1. Hm, I don’t know if I like his style of painting graffiti, but the main thing is the fab colors and the drive to keep doing this. It’s a lifestyle!

  2. Evangeline, some really unusual photos here. He is a talented artist. Will e-mail you soon. Today was shredding broomweed.

  3. Nope, couldn’t leave a reply about the cholla. I had several years of unhappiness in my first marriage, especially around Mother’s Day. I would always take a walk around the block to check on this one huge cane cholla. It always seemed to be in full glorious bloom on Mother’s Day. It filled me with such joy that I forgot my woes. I always called it the Mother’s Day Cactus. I bet it’s still there blooming its heart out.

  4. Hi Evangeline! This are is spectacular. I love the colors, outlines nad swing. I’m so glad you added this to your blog.

    BTW, I wanted to add a comment to your cholla cactus, but the reply box didn’t show up. I’ll try again, otherwise, I’ll come back to this and tell you what fuschia chollas mean to me!

    Glad to hear from you. I just love your photography. You inspire me. I’m still taking a million pictures. Some ok, some pretty mediocre, but I just love the medium.


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