Grace Flight of America

Pre Dawn Flight

Evangeline Chavez 2010

   As I prepared my Saturday morning  to meet and photograph Dan Telfair, New Mexico Wing Leader for Grace Flight of America and pilot Art Tangen on one of their air taxi missions . Telfair and other volunteer pilots from New Mexico are air taxis who give domestic violence victims lifts to safe havens, take sick kids and their families to camps, deliver foster children to adoption,  patients who need a ride to doctor appointment or to the hospital, a few coolers filled with important organs and abandoned, abused and service dogs.  Telfair and the other pilots pay for the full cost of the flights. Depending on how many missions they volunteer for, pilots can spend a few hundred dollars or many thousands a year on gas and other expenses out of their own pocket,  while participating in the program , and with no cost to the passengers. To date Telfair has logged 425 flights, 58 of them  this year and Tangen joining  later this year with 26 flight missions. My mission was to ride with Dan Telfair as we flew in formation next to Art Tangen’s plane to photograph , cancer patient Laura Margarita Loya and her husband Nolberto Loya on her return trip to Roswell after her cimo therapy in Albuquerque. Never being in  a small plane I can say I was  a little hesitant in getting into Dan’s  Cessna Skylane. I knew I had a purpose for the photo shoot and it was to bring awareness to their worthy cause and to put their story out in a book called, “A year or So In the Life of New Mexico”, by publisher Rick Carver. As I climbed aboard I thanked God for the opportunity to once again have another exciting adventure to bring  a story with my photos to life. For more information contact Dan Telfair at


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~ by Evangeline Art Photography on November 15, 2010.

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