December Solstice

Fiery  Solstice

Evangeline Chavez 2010

The total eclipse of the moon, appeared  in the pre-dawn hours, followed later in the day by the arrival of the winter solstice.  This photo was taken after 7:00 am  with colors that fired up the sky with brilliant colors or red, orange, and yellows, with the background of the Sandia Mountains.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on December 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “December Solstice”

  1. I can comment on each photo they are all great ,,,Keep up the great work and have a great holiday season,,,

  2. Very Good, Teresa! You got it! I saw the edge of it, then heard about it from many folk. Thanks for your good documenting!

  3. Wow you captured it. I love it, now I want this one too. I had decided on the Jemez falls for my photo. Need to call you on prices for Pecos river and Sandia mountains. I also really loved burst of color 4th of July you do amazing work.

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