Golden Hillside

Golden Dust

Evangeline Chavez 2011

This hillside was between Ocate and Rainsville, New Mexico. Rainsville, is  located seven miles east-northeast of Mora, and  is a small farming community. The original name for the small settlement was Llano del Coyote. Most people in Ocate, New Mexico are happily uninformed of the horrible enigmas this town has; it  is a community where the living dead march the roads in the night-time, and there have been a lot of encounters with individuals from the other side. People who have never stayed a day in town will let you know it’s a pack of lies, but Ocate is packed with stressed souls just waiting to scare you.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on January 16, 2011.

One Response to “Golden Hillside”

  1. Evangeline: Thank you for coming over to my blog and writing the poem down about horses and the link to your photograph of horse heaven. We have lost or sold four horses over the last two weeks and Brenda and I feel so bad that we had to part with them. Then there was Lilly’s death. We have one horse now — Star, the son of Lilly and he’ll be with us for awhile. Thank you, Evangeline, for the kind words and beautiful photos that help me forget the pain of the moment.


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