La Cueva Mill


 La Cueva Mill

Evangeline Chavez 2006

La Cueva Ranch in the Mora Valley was founded by Vicente Romero shortly after the establishment of Fort Union in 1851. Romero was not an original owner of land in the valley. By purchasing the shares of several of the original grantees or their descendants, he accumulated a total of 33,000 acres for his rancho. Romero was an important freighter and sheep man. Legend has it that the name “La Cueva” comes from the caves he slept in while tending his flocks. Romero laid out the elaborate irrigation system that still serves the valley. Shortly after he founded La Cueva, he built a large two-story adobe house. In the 1870s he added a store, warehouses, and a mill for grinding wheat. The valley was famous for its wheat harvests and La Cueva was the chief supplier for Fort Union, about 20 miles to the east. The mill also supplied flour to other army posts in the west.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on February 6, 2011.

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