Gathering of Nations Pow Wow 2010

Evangeline Chavez 2010


Gathering of Nations Pow Wow will be  held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 28-30, 2011. Over 3,000 dancers will be streaming in to the sounds of hundreds of drums beating simultaneously. There is truly nothing like it – with the area slowing filling up with dancers dressed in their colorful, ornate regalia and the beating drums stirring up the soul. I viewed golden age, juniors, teens and tiny tots, dance  in competition.

AHO, Wa-Do, Hiy-hiy! (thank you!)

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~ by Evangeline Art Photography on March 23, 2011.

6 Responses to “Gathering of Nations Pow Wow 2010”

  1. How beautilful and colorful clothes! Fantastic photos!

  2. Wow,girl these are beautiful!!!!!Keep up the great work.

  3. Evangeline: Great photos. I, too, like the love drum woman. Gosh, how I love to dance. You have such an interesting life with your camera and culture over there. Envious, in a good way.

  4. Thank you,
    That is what I want my photos to do, stir up peoples emotions., or like you well put it”lift my spirits and fill my soul”


  5. Evangeline, these are gorgeous pictures. Soooo colorful. I especially like the older woman with the “love” drum and the young boy looking away with the black face. Beautiful.

    These photos lift my spirits and fill my soul. Thank you!

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