San Miguel Church, La Bajada, New Mexico

San Miguel Church, La Bajada, New Mexico

Evangeline Chavez 2011

La Bajada (the descent) sits on the bank of the Santa Fe River at the base of black lava rock and  at the end  of what used to be one of the most treacherous roads in New Mexico.

Originally called La Majada (sheepfold), this farming community once  was a stage stop on the spanish El Camino Real (Royal Way). It had a peak population of around 300 people.  Located  at the bottom of the hill was a  saloon, and an inn  that stood about a quarter of a mile further down  the village.

Old-timers remember seeing prisoners from the state penitentiary,  working on the  La Bajada road with only  hand tools.

You can still see  remains of the old adobe school-house and  a wooden corral along with the   San Miguel Church that  has been  renovated.  The Church  holds mass once a month on Wednesday, and on September 24th, they hold their fiestas.

Patricia Montoya who is the caretaker of the church asks anyone who photography’s  the area to please make a  donation for the church . 

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on April 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “San Miguel Church, La Bajada, New Mexico”

  1. These ghost towns are located on lonley mountain roads, dusty trails and in every remote corner of the state. You can see crumbling walls, a jagged chimney, a vacant house, a church, a schoolhouse, or perhaps a tiny village where once a town thrived. I will try to visit some of the towns in hopes to bring a photo to life from the past.

  2. Evangeline – in all my time here, have not known about La Bajada the community. Many thanks for documenting so beautifully and sharing!

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