Coronado State Monument


Evangeline Chavez

Horno (Spanish, or, no) is a mud adobe-built outdoor oven used by Native Americans and early settlers of North America. Adobe oven bread is  skillfully baked in these ovens.

Photographed at Coronado State Monument, Bernalillo, New Mexico



~ by Evangeline Art Photography on December 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “Coronado State Monument”

  1. Not too much snow in Taos, about like that in Santa Fe. My granddaughter skied up at Taos Ski Valley. We stayed down in town, but spent most of our time in Santa Fe. I’ve been to Gallinas before. Little known place, but quite different. Surveyed some archeological sites there in field school. I left Santa Fe yesterday and they had received an inch or two of new snow. Roads were okay, but slippery around Santa Fe. Am back in west Texas now, at the ranchito (anything smaller than 2,560 acres should be called a ranchito, LOL) and wanting to get down to some serious writing. If I remember correctly, the Coronado State Mounument Park had some really good solar-powered equipment. Very high-tech.

    Take care, Evangeline.


  2. Oh, I see now. Coronado State Monument. Thanks.

  3. That is just a beautiful photo! Where was it shot? Taos? I like the snow fixed to branches, the benches leading to the horno. Evangeline, you are one fine photographer. And, braving the cold, too. Happy holidays! –Jack.

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