Winter Wonderland

Evangeline Chavez 2011

Truchas, New Mexico

The village of Truchas is backed by the snow-touched Truchas Peaks.  The colony of Truchas was established by a royal land grant in 1754 with settlers from Chimayó and Santa Cruz (near Española). It purpose was to create a buffer between other Spanish settlements and the nomadic Apache and Comanche bands who often raided both Spanish villages and Indian pueblos. Hence, it was built as a walled compound around a plaza.

The courageous and hardy settlers of Truchas hand-dug miles of acequias (irrigation ditches) to bring water from the trout-filled river that gave the town its name (Río de las Truchas means “river of trout”). Although today’s residents still work their farms, many also commute to jobs in Santa Fe or Los Alamos. A few still make their living as traditional craftspeople alongside the many newcomer artists and galleries drawn to Truchas and its magnificent mountain views.

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on December 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. That’s a beautiful scene. I’m hoping for scenes like that here too before long.

    I’ve traveled through New Mexico several times and I missed a lot when I did. I wish I could have read your accounts of it before those trips and I would have seen a lot more and enjoyed more of what I did see.

    • Here in New Mexico we have had 5 major snow storms, so I decided to photograph up north where there was significant amount of snow. We tried to travel the back roads of Los Alamos to Jemez and Valles Caldre but had to turn around because of road closer. I am hoping to get out again and photograph before the snow melts. If you come to NM let me know and I will point some places to visit.

  2. This is so pretty. I grew up in snow like this.

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