Bernalillo New Mexico Sawmill

Sawmill Sunset

Evangeline Chavez 2012

Bernalillo, New Mexico

Bernalillo Sawmill -1924

The sawmill at Bernalillo had been expanded into a two-band and resaw mill with additional processing facilities in the form of a lath mill, planning mill, and box factory. An interesting feature of the plant was its contract to sell mill refuse — sawdust, chips, and slabs — to the Albuquerque Gas & Electric Company for use as fuel in their power plant. Reported at the time as a “unique situation,” the arrangement relieved WPL from bearing the expense of operating a waste burner while at the same time providing a significant source of revenue. Prominent features of the plant included a 12-acre mill pond (Figure 25) and a tall spindly water tank which towered over the plant. It is still an outstanding landmark of Bernalillo (American Lumberman 1926 [June 12]).

The log pond and a string of log cars waiting to be unloaded at the Bernalillo sawmill, circa 1927. (Photo by A. L. “Red” Gleason. Gene Harty family collection)

The sawmill at Bernalillo soon after its completion in 1924. Milling had not started as evidenced by the absence of smoke from the boilers and the lack of activity in the scene. (Photo by M. E. Hanna. Albuquerque Public Library collection)

A link to read more on the history of Bernalillo, New Mexico Sawmill

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on January 16, 2012.

6 Responses to “Bernalillo New Mexico Sawmill”

  1. Seeing that old waste burned in your photo brought back some memories of the ones we had here. All of them are gone now although there are several sawmills still in operation in the area, one of which supplies biomass for a power generating plant which also powers the sawmill.

  2. Thank you, to celebrate 100 years of New Mexico statehood I am going to do a series of photos of the past and present along with the history.

  3. What a wealth of information is shared here along with your wonderful photo!

  4. Thank you, my grandmother use to live across the Sawmill in Albuquerque and ran a restaurant for the workers in the area. Like you wrote I wonder if there are Sawmills that are in operation?

  5. Aw, great shot. The light and color is amazing. Glad that Bernalillo has kept this reminder of its past. In Albuquerque, the Sawmill district north of Old Town has kept one water tower in the mix of the new housing development. Wonder where there’s a sawmill still in operation around these parts?

    • May I please share this link with families in my family science class about trees? And would it be possible for me to print these images with clear credit given to have in the classroom?

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