Tree House

Truck Tree House

Evangeline Chavez 2010

This truck tree house was found in Cubero, New Mexico. It gives a new meaning to what a  treehouse can be . For me I was wondering how did they get the cab of the truck up there and how does one get in, by the doors?

~ by Evangeline Art Photography on April 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Tree House”

  1. I own this Truck in the tree. My dad put it up there more than 30 years ago. He use to work in the mines and they used rope and pulley and a bunch of drunk men to put it up there and come up with the idea. It was not for us kids. ha ha ha! The doors use to open and that’s how you were able to get in. A platform was build under it and you crawled around to the passenger door. As time passed the tree eventually grew around the tree. The doors are no longer able to be opened.

  2. Yes, I am still wondering how it got up, but most of all how do you get inside the cab, not by the door or window, maybe sun roof, ha ha

  3. How in the heck did it get up there? What a treehouse. I’m sure there were a lot of stories told up there.

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