Art Perez, Sports and Events Coordinator

Evangelline Chavez 2010

The Seventh Annual Pork and Brew features live entertainment, pig races, fun jumps, mechanical bull riding, chain saw carving, magic shows and of course BBQ and food galore. Here you can find any type of BBQ, from dry rubs, cooked with wood chips, or in a pit. The only trouble will be is you choosing what to eat.

If you see any of these photos that you would like to have drop me a email at and I will email them to you.

Click on image for larger picture

2 Responses to “PHOTO EVENTS- Pork & Brew”

  1. I am glad you enjoyed the picture, your granddaughter wanted her Grandpa to see how she looked with her piggy nose. I enclosed a larger version of the picture for you to keep.
    Thanks again, and feel free to visit my site and subscribe to it. I post new pictures daily from all over NM, China and where ever my camera takes me.

  2. Ms Chavez: thanks for the picture of my Granddaughter (URIAH) the weda in a blue jacket and pig nose

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